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Distributing Pleasure

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Distributing Pleasure

Santa comes more often than once annually within this horny holiday spoof! Santa’s mischievous elves are extremely frisky this Christmas Eve – his or her usual route is distracted with sexual delights and holiday humping! Michael Morrison stars as Santa using the naughty Susan Hart supplying holiday hard-ons as Mrs. Claus. The sexy elves enter around the Christmas cheer with everyone’s balls getting good than basically decked! A ribald and powerful romp!


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I’m a naughty and wise girl..

Somewhere Under The Rainbow 2

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Somewhere Under The Rainbow 2
The little people are back with an even bigger appetite for dick and pussy. Nasty three-ways and orgies make this classic sizzle!

Midget Porn

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Midget Porn
Watch these little male and female midgets get down and dirty on other midgets and even some full size porn stars that go absolutely crazy for midget cock and pussy! These tiny tramps do it all and leave them begging for more!

A Little Fuck

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A Little Fuck
When you’re hungry for some action and you need a little suck, call a horny little midget who will give you a little fuck! These midgets go XXX, need we say more.

Studio: Filmco
A Little Fuck

Little Fucking Santa

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Little Fucking Santa
This little Santa might be small, but he knows who’s been naughty and who is going to be! Thank you, Jesus!
Studio: White Ghetto

Madonna Madros – Baby Gangster’s New Girlfriend

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Baby Gangster combs the streets of Caracas,
Venezuela and the little circus midget bastard finds
himself a new girlfriend! Who the fuck wants to date
a circus midget? To our horror, someone actually does
and what results is a romance so shocking, we decided
to make this into a porno! The midget introduced Madonna
to us. Everyone in the production staff suddenly went
quiet. You can hear a fucking pin drop. We were dumbfounded.
Madonna is a beautiful woman. She’s also a dancer.
She showed us a few steps or two to show off her fit
sexy body.

It was the midget’s idea to have the two of them fuck
while we watch. Madonna didn’t seem to mind. She was
awestruck of her lover. Like a heavenly buffet, Baby
Gangster jumps right in to taste her pussy. He also
let his big wang get serviced, even if he had to stand
on the tallest piece of furniture. Soon, the two of
them are busy banging their brains out. Madonna strains
her eyes as the circus midget’s weedwhacker infiltrates
her pussy. As Baby Gangstah splooges all over her,
he makes her scoop up the cum and brush her teeth with
it! What a nasty midget!

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Bizarre Women

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Bizarre Women
After partying with three of her hottest girl friends, the ravishing Dominique goes home to an even kinker scene. Her sensuous young roommate has found a brand new toy, an amazingly lifelike puppet who turn out to be Louis short stud. The girls then shower their love on their potent, pint-sized pet.


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This 3’10” two striker pumps his 9 into every one of these bitches, white, black and Asian! Big titted whore Ava chokes on every inch of LP’s cock before he slam fucks her! Young Kitty gets throat fucked. And competition for this little pimp’s huge cock get’s stiff between Cherry and Jackie, both get drilled ’till they can barely walk!

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