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Bridget The Midget’s GangBang

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Bridget The Midget's GangBang
Watch as she teams with the “Absolute Supermoron” to stop the plans of evil- doers!
Studio: Bacchus


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  • Sexual Preferences :
  • Turn-ons :
  • Doesn’t excite me :
I’m a naughty and wise girl..

Inside Marie’s Play Place 4

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Inside Marie's Play Place 4
Welcome back to another hilarious adventure inside the hottest Play Ground on the Planet! In this installment, Pint Sized Special Guest Stella Marie shows up with news that The Studio is demanding a public apology from Mark to stop Protesters from picketing Affiliates over Doll Porn and catches the eye of Marie Madison who wonders aloud if she could ever get down with a Midget. Meanwhile, Rodney from the Mail Room starts his own line and has already called ‘Dibs’ on Stella. Mark seeks Rachel’s advice and ends up finding out exactly how many ‘Positions’ she has on the matter but as it turns out, Stella has a few plans of her own. Does Mark ever apologize for Doll Porn? Who ends up getting down with The Midget? With more hot sex and hilarious hijinx from Marie Madison and Play Place Exclusive Rachel Lynn Porter, this might just be the hottest Series yet!
Studio: Marie Madison
Director: Marie Madison


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  • Sexual Preferences : Heterosexual
  • Turn-ons : I really like males who treat me well, sometimes rudely and wonder simultaneously, who understands how to love a woman and incredibly creative. That’s a guy who what it really promises.
  • Doesn’t excite me : They treat me just like a bitch and become hostile in my experience.
I’m a naughty and wise girl..

Us And Them: A Midget Love Story

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Us And Them: A Midget Love Story
It is easy to hide a midget in the closet when your spouse comes home early! A tale of big love and small bodies.

Marissa Manuela – Marissa The New Hire

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Baby Gangster is drunk on his ass again.
When he’s drunk, he’s horny. And when he’s horny, that’s
when the fun starts. We follow him as he prowls the
night, looking for pussy. After searching for hours,
he settles on a rinky-dink nightclub. It is there we
find blond bitch Marissa. She was one of the girls
who approached him as he enters. He’s taken away by
her beauty that he sobered up. She didn’t give him
a hard time though. It’s not as if a lot of guys are
beating at the door of this decrepit hellhole just
to drink. We only wondered why girls enjoy his company.
He rarely ever bathes and he has bad social skills.
Baby Gangster talked to Marissa and finds out she has
kids. He was a little disappointed, but that didn’t
stop him from having fun with her.

Fast forward to our room, where our resident freak
is laying the meat on our hot young MILF. After she
savors his hot poker of freaky love, he goes down on
her. But Marissa seem to have enjoyed sucking his hard
member that she went back for seconds! With oralizing
done, they resume the festivities with a doggie style
that sent her screaming. This encourages our twisted
little fuck as he continues to pummel her pussy from
behind. He then spurts a huge load of cum onto her
face. Marissa then plays with the goo, even blowing
bubbles before swallowing it. What a dirty ho!

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  • Sexual Preferences : bisexual
  • Turn-ons : intelligent people. laughting.
  • Doesn’t excite me : violence. rude ones.
I’m a naughty and wise girl..


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  • Sexual Preferences :
  • Turn-ons : I am focusing on this side from the camera but nonetheless… I really like people having fun with themselves. Ignore limits and walk into my Room :)
  • Doesn’t excite me : Rude people turn me off. Be nice.
I’m a naughty and wise girl..

Glamorous Lesbian And Midget Cutie cake Dildoing In Mattress

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A kinky dependence on narrow hairy vaginas got this lesbo girl in mattress having a beautiful midget brunette. The 2 have some fun touching each other because the big babe sucks her pink dildo getting fuck starved from the view and also the odor of her midget lover’s cookie. Individuals short legs look so nice-searching in ebony tights and she or he moves Adult Porn
her smooth sextoy nearer to this juicy love hole, then rubs it against brunette’s clitoris while fucking herself with another penis.

Lesbian Blonde And Midget Brunette

Watch more fuck addicted midget special gems eat vagina, suck huge rods and obtain bathed Adult Porn
with goo!


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  • Sexual Preferences : bi
  • Turn-ons : Enjoy being viewed on your part as i please myself, soft kisses, firm grip of my ass while having sex, tongue on my small hard nips, listening to your dreams and making me part of them.
  • Doesn’t excite me : rude people, bad hygiene , disrespect
I’m a naughty and wise girl..

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